‘Tribal Suits’

We be fighting with tribal suits,

                                                   Fruits of the warriors labour…

                     Our forgotten roots.

          Seat standing lone waiting for the sitter,

Chair of the meeting come proud of his glitter,

                                                                               gritting teeth,

Under pressure from the bitter taste of table conversation,

                                                   Plaguing words trade devastation.

                              Blank cheques fitting the bill of the occasion,

                             Men bringing their guns talk of trans-actions,

                                                                       Sold to warring factions,

                                                                                                    sanctions, embargos,


                                                                                                              of Branded Egos.

                    Gas emissions,

The firearm of decisions…

                                              Management skills,

                                                     Marketing pills,

Merger with the spreading of Military ills,                                                       

Plant pot growth hanging offa windowsills,

                                        Ever climbing the hills, of high altitude Peace…

                                                                                                                        Cease killing… 

The mothers, releasing bullets, protecting babies.

                                                                                      Security forces lease life…

with the exchange violent goods,

                  consequence of should’s

                                            and could’s

results in dos and done’s…

                      bribery funds…

                       for the custom officer on the border,

Commercialism slowly replacing law and order.


               Of alleged defence,

     Ministry of intelligence,

           Wise War ignorance,

        What’s the relevance?

                                  Intense strategy,

                                     Id psychology,

So Secret Service comes to inflate your currency…

Speculating on whether…

                        the weather of changing circumstance,

                                                                            can enhance,

                                                                         new artillery.

Unleashed on the unsuspected…

                    Highly low rate

                                       …irate…paid for the hour,

Eyes looking above for the position of power,

Surrounded by an arsenal of roses,

Soldier rise with powder-ad noses,

Lines cover pupils looking at the toilet seat,

 Commerce conducting the way kings greet                      the outsider,

               Revolutionary, we all have to meet.

Accepting the unexpected…

                                 For reassurance we treat,

     Too much macho,

Patriarchal bravado,

Pride rage down on the parade,

   of mothers holding the fort,

                   supporting the trade,

      Mothers not here to invade,

   but end up holding the spade, forever digging the graves,

                                                                                       Mistake braves the way…

For innocence to burn at the stake…

He paid for mans tank,

While the girl runs naked from the mustard gas,

The reoccurrence of pointless conflict perpetuates…


                                                                                      The Hate.

Relations unknown affected….

Taste of the beast,

                        Least there be fearless characters,     

                                       Struggling political actors,

 Fighting with tribal suits,

                                       Fruits of the warriors labour…

          Our forgotten roots.


Words by Mista Vee of HGS-NetWorkMusic

Find more visit www.soundcloud.com/homegrownsounds


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