‘Light’ Entertainment: The Propaganda Machine that Props-up Genocidal Regimes

Under the veneer of mainstream media coverage there lays a capillary of information flowing through the life blood of grass-roots resistance movements across the globe.

In the British media at least little attention is paid to grass-roots movements reporting the grave injustices inflicted on a suppressed mass of voices seeking a change in circumstances.

Buried under the weight of trivia and tripe only a few seedlings of defiance ever break through the surface of corporate propaganda to blossom into headline news, but, as we all know, the roots of resistance stretch back to ancestry of oppression and occupation.

And yet these roots of resistance are rarely heard about or spoken of by the ‘light’ entertainment industries.

We become the very agents of a capitalist system that sustains injustice when we contribute to ‘light’ entertainment.  We become complicit the very moment we step into the corporate world of deal or no deal broadcasting.

Who’s the weak link in society? Commercially corrupt media outlets, that’s who.

Forget the million pound drop, for a million pounds answer this question; why does the mainstream media ignore the real issues?

Instead of investing time and money into programs that enlighten – while perhaps at the same time being entertaining – the mainstream media outlets prop-up regimes of genocide. And I don’t take the term genocide lightly.

The starvation of millions, the oppression of millions, is not immediate – it’s not a blatant in your face, shot in the head, put in the gas chambers type of genocide – but it’s a slow, paralysing genocide all the same.

Maybe I’m being extreme, but there are extremely serious issues at hand that need discussing and exposing – issues people are dying over.

Issues such as the slaughtering and massacre of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka or the Israeli occupation of Palestine, or issues like police brutality, the culture of drug dependency in Britain, the disproportionate numbers of  black people in prison and the growing divide between the richest and poorest members of our society.

Issues the mainstream media never, or at least rarely, covers. If they do talk about these issues it’s at a quick glance – flash news – that fails to resonate with the truth at the heart of these issues.

Mainstream media outlets are failing to address these issues, and ask the difficult questions.

When the numbers of heroin addicts has tripled since the 1980’s, how is heroin getting onto British streets so easily? And as one of the wealthiest nations in the world, why is the divide between rich and poor so great?

It’s as an ‘objective observer’ that the mainstream media report on these issues, sprinkled with lies and littered with propoganda supplied by the ‘authorities’ – and submerged in a culture of back-slapping – news reporters elicit what their paymasters want us to hear.

Mainstream journalists don’t question the information they are told to report by the business elite. They are paid to manipulate.

How do you think they got to their positions of power? Their hound-dog loyalty to the establishment.

There are certain things the rich and powerful don’t want us to know, and certain opportunists are more than happy to go along with the game show of entertaining the masses – and hiding the truth from us – so we remain ignorant.

Read Noam Chomsky’s book ‘Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propoganda’ or watch Adam Curtis’s documentaries ‘The Century of Self’ if you want to learn more.

Some, as we’ve recently discovered with the phone-hacking scandal are simply corrupt, and will do anything to get the next scoop and earn a better pay packet.

In other cases journalists, as the old saying goes, have their ‘hands tied behind their backs’ – it’s a simple as that. They have a choice; do I earn a decent living or tell the truth? Most opt for the former.

Democracy in Britain doesn’t really exist when the BBC are too scared to expose the truth about the Israeli occupation of Palestine – the expansion of Israeli settlements, operation cast lead, the siege of Gaza – for fear of reprisal from powerful Israeli lobbyists and military tycoons.

There are the odd programmes (like the Killing Fields on Channel 4) and articles that slip through the mass of gibberish and glamour – and I’m grateful for that – but it’s not the norm.

Commercial news channels and game shows fill our screens with nonsense, while millions starve because of corporate capitalism.

Why do John Pilger’s documentaries never get air play? I ask this rhetorically; I think we know the answer.

Pilger’s documentaries expose and challenge the very foundations of a system that has kept millions subservient to old colonial masters and modern day tyrants (http://www.johnpilger.com/).

The faces change – and the definitions of old get replaced with new words like fascism, capitalism and corporatism – yet the monopolies of power, the oligarchies of wealth, rarely shift from one generation to the next.

Wealthy elites, like the Murdoch and Rothschild families, control the flow of knowledge.

And even though most recognise something is grotesquely wrong we are not exposed to the injustice and subjugation many people face on a daily basis. We are not reminded enough to make us sufficiently infuriated to go out do something about it.

There is not enough anger to rock the ship and knock the captains overboard. With the latest media scandals, the exposure of phone-tapping, police corruption, politician expenses outrage, looting bankers, this, however, may have all changed…?


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