The Robinhood Tax: A Chance for Real Change.

The Robinhood Tax movement is only asking for a 0.05% tax on financial speculation.

Taxing the banks and financial sector just this small amount has the power to raise hundreds of billions of pounds every year globally, estimated at roughly£100 billion.

It could give a vital boost to the NHS, our schools, and the fight against child poverty in the UK – as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world.

The RobinHood Tax could generate vast sums of wealth for the people that most need it; it would fill a void in the unjust economic system.

Not only would it cover the £43billion worth of interest on government debt, but leave plenty of money to invest in schools, hospitals, youth centres, and other public services, not mention investment in the poorest communities in Britain and across the globe suffering from gross inequalities.

It’s time to choose another path. Time we held banks and corporations accountable for their mismangement, greed and corruption.

In the words of Sam Cooke: “Its been a long, long time coming but I know change guna come, oh yes it will!”

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