The Science of the Nihilist No-Body

She was of young science and without a gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, tribe or religion.

Strict procedures methodically test distant calculations on probable relationships.

In a period of motion,

loves sequence of events are broken down into parts.

Analytic hearts reduced to fragmented stop and start frames of reference.

Situations change, but for her the laws of love stay the same.

Stable and true they confront her essence of being,

and comfort her insecurities of seeing elements at war.

Atoms of thought indifferent,

in communities of cruelty she chases after a future history determined by the rainbow lights.

Existence induces fear, so she’d rather escape pain by challenging the ‘unknown’.

She opens the bare flesh of our spine,

examining the backbone of our brain

and the nervous systems of our mind.

With a degree of dedication,

a detailed discipline and study of preservation,

the circumstance of chance enhances her chosen specialisation.

Searching for meaning, she closes off feeling,

an act of self-defence and loathing

replaced with an active pretence of clothing,

there she sits, on the fence,

with subjective attempts to be objective, she rejects all hopes of uncertainty.


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