‘Tito of Yugoslavia’: As seen by Radovan Zogovich

This is a poem by the famous Montenegrin poet and revolutionary partisan Radovan Zogovich. It was written about the time of WWII, after the Nazi Germans and Italians (supported by the British) were attacking the Yugoslavian Revolutionaries, and attempting to destroy Communism and Partisan Social Democracy.

“Goebbels asks: ‘Who is Tito?’
And my gun answers: We are all Tito,
Tito is in us all and our strength is his strength.
You ask what man and what woman gave him birth:
A giant – the people – sired him in anger and in the longing to create.
The mother that bore him was Battle.
Do not search for knowledge of him in the Gestapo files.
Listen to the green mountain and you will hear the echoing thud of his horse’s hooves.
Bend over our clear brooks and flee from the image of Tito!
And on our bayonets before you die you’ll meet his image again.
And in our flags you will read his story.

You ask: ‘Who is Tito?’
And my gun answers; ‘Tito is Tito!’
Tito is the earth, the army and the river.
He is your terror and our victories over you.
The chapters of his story are your first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth offensives [referring to the Nazi attacks on the communist popular front in Yugoslavia].
Unfold your bullet-riddled standards and read in them his story.
Read it in the lists of your dead and of our victories;
Your dead are his biographers.
You will read the next chapter tomorrow night,
When the shaft of our searchlight pierces your positions,
And on your white faces spells out the name Tito!”


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