Poetry In Txt

Poetry in Txt,

Verse ona phone,

Words we communicate so we ain’t alone,

In a world controlled by digital codes, mechanical keys and quantum notes,

A voice is recived through technological tones…


Stanza of stones,

Roll with rhyme for the soul,

Themes we all dream paint emotional tolls,

Onto scenes which are beamed, alternate to our homes,

Where we stare and star gaze mesmerized by the show…


Symbols on computer screens,

Imagery in spectacles,

Through the looking glass, quarks spark electrical charge with,

Alliteration, we’re so susceptible to the stella intonation in the audible,

Pitch of the rhythm that I feel when I flow,

A minor altercation in ya ego…


Metaphor light glows,

Magnetic in the sunshine,

Repeated atrraction, again and again, each line,

A message engrained in SIM City sand castles washed away by satilite sound waves lost in cosmic space…


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